Saturday, June 14, 2008

Saturday Mourning

I know there is plenty to mourn about in the world, so I am feeling a little selfish for this indulgence. And, I certainly have plenty of human beings to mourn who are not in my life any more, but today, my Beta fish died, and my year long stint to heal the growing wound in its stomach is finally over, and I feel so sad about it. I guess I'll bury it beside Pelle and Bluebelle (my parakeets who died last year). Am I cursed? I feel like blaming this on my friend Sheilah who smote me yesterday (in the Holy Tongue!) scream tones, mind you, for not wiring a certain amount of moulah for something she wanted....oh, yes, if you haven't been smited in the Holy Tongue for not paying for a Biblical lecture you never asked for, you probably have happy fish who are still alive, but then you aren't as lucky as me who has a friend who confused me with the money changers in the tabernacle and herself as the long-haired Almighty. Oh yes, I'm bad, I know...just look at my pet record. I'm going to hell any day now. But in my case, a friend is sending me. What a day.

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