Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Great Day to be an American!

I can't believe how weepy I am. Today is a day to celebrate so much. First, I am so grateful that, for the most part, Obama ran a civil campaign and did not stoop to the low tactics of name-calling and fear-mongering. I hope the Republicans have learned that there is not enough racism in this country to bank on it politically. It is of the past, I want to believe.

November 4, 2008...America chose hope over fear, the future over the past, love over hate, integration over separation, the greater good over selfish desire. They chose inspiration, hope, and the communal spirit. We have a real chance to be a nation of one. Thank you, President-Elect Obama, you have renewed my desire to serve my country and renewed my belief and faith in people and politics. Quite a feat!


Reverie said...

America has won the heart of the world by demonstrating a willingness to set aside racial differences. There is a great hope rising in the nation that the dark age of the past administration has ended and a new day is dawning in politics.

D.L. Hall said...

Today's post is for you, reverie.