Friday, November 7, 2008

Bully America Is On the Decline

As waves go, let us hope that the wave of Bully America is behind us. Let us hope that with the defeat of Republicans in the House, the Senate, and the oval office we can mount a new spirit of temperance, truth in news and war, a spirit of putting the greater good before selfish greed, of hard work, intelligence, appreciation for difference, fairness--a real democracy of spirit rather than a spirit of Us Vs Them, a "We are always right" message "Even when we're wrong," a sports fanatic's zeal of loyalty to a party rather than to the country, a policy of pre-emptive war, of "might-is-right", of beating protesters who are trying to save their country from the bullies, of refusing to speak to our would-be enemies, of moving our people's money into the hands of the private corporate elite especially the military contractors, of code words about "welfare" that are racist and misinformed, of right wing propaganda and snotty derision of our intellectuals.

Oh, may the bullies feel the winds against them and be silenced. May we teach our children how to beware of bully tactics, of bully propaganda, and of bully "values."

Let us stay awake and alert. We have buried the mood of apathy and the fear that disabled us. May we keep our strength.

Let us keep hope alive.

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