Sunday, June 8, 2008

A Call For Hate-Mongers (see what fear does)

Why am I scared?

Why is it that despite the winds of change and the audacity of hope Obama gives me that I still shake in my shoes for what's in store for a new president? Especially a Democrat...inheriting such a huge financial and political mess. Especially a nice guy. The cynic in me imagines that I'm going to witness a lynching of the political and gruesome kind. I'm not sure that the failures of the present administration nor the unrestrained experimental unleashing of conservative, pro-war, pro-business, anti-environment dogs have learned anything from the mess-at-hand they created. I imagine the right wing attack dogs will be just as ruthless and that the Democrats will be just as naive and self-examining, perhaps eager to please their enemies and make friends and maintain some status quo (because they're fair and not revengeful, bless their hearts)...and this scares the bejeebies out of me.

Can't the Democrats manufacture some dogged, mean ranters who'll circle and snoop for any material and help silence the mob? Can't they produce a teeny-weeny, mean-spirited media character? Oh, Howard Dean and Keith Olbermann aren't enough. Anyway, they're always right. I'd like to be bothered by just a few wrong-headed, offensive, malevolent left-wing power mongers who taste fascist, hawk blood and go all Dobermann. I guess intellectual prowess doesn't spawn such.

On another note: here's a wise and interesting analysis of McCain vs Obama, in case you missed it in the NYTimes or Truthout. Frank Rich really shows a cultural depth in this piece that is particularly rich and impressive in its breadth across American generations.

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