Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Did you know: "ExxonMobil posted profits of more than $40 billion in 2007. That's billions with a B or $40,600,000,000. And the oil-and-gas giant is headed for another record year, having just announced massive first-quarter earnings of $10.9 billion"?

Things I wonder about: 1) the amount of the U.S. debt, 2) the amount the debt has increased during the Bush Administration, 3) the amount used to bail out the Savings & Loan crisis, 4) the 2007 profits of the 5 largest medical insurers, 5) profits of Halliburton and Blackwater during the War on Iraq compared with before the war.

When will patriotism be associated with containing and controlling (restraining) capitalist practices of profiteering from war? As of now, it is motivated to create war for profit. (Answer: never...so resist/distrust all calls for war). I'm about to launch into a rant against the military/industrial complex. Settle down, Nellie.

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