Wednesday, September 5, 2007

$4,000 in prizes

Here's a dream offer for a beginning website writer/designer: This logo designer from Northern Ireland, a guy named David Airey, is holding an anniversary prize giveaway. It's been one year since he's been abloggin'. He's not only celebrating. He's raising traffic to his site and teaching others to do the same. There’s more than $4,000 worth in free prizes! Hey, I said that already. Find out how to enter by reading the details on David’s logo design blog. Plus, there are lots of articles about what makes a good/bad design. Nose around and find an entry that's a professional critique of this woman's blog. Interesting. Wonder what he'd say about Words, Wind and Why Not. "Find a point to your blog" maybe? But I dun wanna make a point. That's the point. Won't people love me for who I am? My scattered seed self? My feather mind blowing in the electric fan?

1 comment:

David Airey said...

Thanks for entering, Deborah. Cute! ;)