Thursday, July 2, 2009

Today I Discovered a Hero.

I recently read about an amazing young man named Aaron Cohen. Maybe you've already heard about him, but I hadn't. I found him on this art site that had photos of Darfur. It is called Exhibit Darfur

Read the bio below about this guy. He's amazing.

Aaron Cohen is a human rights activist who draws his inspiration from the "Jubilee," the ancient law of debt forgiveness and slave liberation. Cohen has sought to establish a modern-day Jubilee movement to free slaves around the world.
Media stories have lauded his work implementing a contemporary Jubilee observance and have called Cohen a "Slave Hunter" for his efforts finding the victims of human trafficking and retrieving thousands from slavery. Cohen was awarded a Commendation from the County of Los Angeles for his efforts combating human trafficking, retrieving victims in Darfur, in California, and sub-contracting on government assignments overseas. On these international missions to Myanmar Burma and to war-torn Iraq-- Cohen worked undercover as a "john," and assessed the phenomenon of slavery from the inside. He was recently named by the World War II Memorial Foundation, the Immortal Chaplains, as the recipient of the 2008 Prize for Humanity. The award is given to "those who risk all to protect others of different faith or ethnic origin", and he was honored with a US Congressional Certificate of Merit for his service in 2008.

Aaron Cohen remains active in human rights missions in Sudan, Iraq, and Burma and is now building partners for upcoming missions this dry season to southern Darfur. "We're happy with the advocacy work the Darfur movement is accomplishing." Cohen said, "and now we have to help those men, women, and children on the ground who are sold into slavery, who are being persecuted, starved to death, or killed. If we work together we can save lives." Activists interested in supporting the humanitarian field work in Sudan this winter can contact Aaron Cohen directly at the email: Winter missions to Darfur, Sudan will be funded through the Millionkids campaign.

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