Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Rise of Intellectualism

After eight years of the Bush administration where fear-mongering and anti-intellectualism took reigns in our media and corrupted our universities (that's kind of unfair as it began long before Bush and helped to elect him), who could believe that the Arab country of Qatar is assisting in an awakening of intellectualism by sponsoring the Doha Debates! It's a bit too "shouty" for my tastes--one reason I avoid any shows where the anchors shout and interrupt their guests or who say the most asinine things about socialism and capitalism--but if there's going to be shouting let the debaters have intelligent points and a sense of historical or personal experiences.

I really like how earnest the students' questions are and how gradually tough they get through the debate.

Here's the link to a debate about getting tough on Israel that took place at Georgetown University: link

Do peruse the website's home:

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