Saturday, February 28, 2009

Ideas Worth Pursuing

1. Push Health Insurance Companies out by large, communal insurance pools. Individuals cannot do this alone, but cities could, large corporations could, states could, universities could. Could do what? Could collect a fee from their individuals and put the money in a Health Fund, and pay hospitals, doctors, preventive medical persons directly via a representative in your pool who monitored fraud, price hikes, etc. This would give cities, states, universities, corporations (whomever) incentives to promote health and happiness (less stress = less sickness = more money within the collective rather than in the pockets of CEOs who live in Virginia mansions).

2. Communal housing: buying property through an incorporated organization, sharing communal space, kitchen duties, garden duties, chores, child-rearing, etc. The lower cost of living + the increased community would enable people to save more of their own money to perhaps leave the group if problems arise or to retire or vacation or pay down debt. Obviously, this would be better for younger people, maybe single people, but maybe others too.

3. A website that connects us people-to-people to places that need help fast. Think tsunami or flood victims, think Katrina and how helpless we all felt. One website that collects data on distribution locals (library? post office?) wherein people in safe places could send supplies directly. Important for those of us who cannot send money but could send a blanket, a pair of socks, some toys. This site could become a vehicle for person-to-person outpouring of love and support. Think children in a classroom in America sending supplies to children in a classroom in China. I've written about this before. (Wings Across the World blog). I need a website designer and partner for this.

4. Socially progressive banks! Give me a bank that will help a green economy prosper and I'll move my money. I'd like a bank whose CEO earns only slightly more than its lowest paid employee. Some sort of fair distribution would earn my loyalty and respect.

Please share your IDEAS WORTH PURSUING with me.

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