Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Thoughts on Obama's Election

by a mother who lost her daughter on 9/11. This is just a quote. The entire essay by Donna Marsh O'Connor can be read here "Reborn America":

"And this too is true: As we walk through the following days of our collective American lives, our African-American compatriots cannot be certain that each white person is racist because as a people we made race less important. Racism is not gone, certainly, but it's smaller, diminished. And apathy, too, is weakened. Our young came out in droves to do what their elders failed to do in so many ways."

Our young did what our elders failed to do. That speaks volumes. I'm so ashamed that liberals and progressives and uncorrupt conservatives could not handle an impeachment. We had to wait for an election. And we needed our children to do this work. What a double whammy of emotion: shame and pride. Maybe the best way to think of it is that we came together for something greater than ourselves. This tells me we still have yet to face how we let 8 years of Bush crimes continue.

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