Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Dear General Taguba, Now?

Now that he's retired, now that he's not participating in the dog and pony show of the Bush administration, now that it's safe and he's a citizen and his job isn't on the line, now after defending the administration in front of truth councils, now, now he comes out against the practices of torture that occurred under his command? I remember his defense of Abu Ghraib, remember him pointing to underlings whom he commanded. Oh for the sheer 8 year lunacy of this country where top leaders throughout the Senate and House and media and military colluded with the insanity of the neoconservative agenda and did not defend the Constitution, the American people or the military under their command.

Here is General Taguba's Report.

Too late if you ask me. It's all so maddening and sad.

And this on a day that I'm already feeling so damn sad.

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