Friday, May 16, 2008

Douglas Feith on Jon Stewart

What is worse, I wonder, an administration that believed its own propaganda (if you believe Douglas Feith on the Daily Show) or one who withheld facts in order to manipulate America into a war it didn't need? So, the moral knot is a bit more twisted if you imagine that the liars believed in their lies, believed in their warped version of reality. (BTW, that doesn't lessen the crime, in my view.) But it makes me wonder: Are we doing enough to address the warped thinking? I wonder if it wouldn't be more prudent to begin discussing the incredible delusions and twisted view the right wing has of the Arab Middle East and their distortions of Palestinian claims to land in Israel. Yesterday, the Christian Broadcasting Network did an interview with an author who claims that Hitler's plan to exterminate the Jews is alive and well in Islamic Fundamentalism. And, what about the Christian idea that all of this fighting in the Middle East is Revelations in the works...yes, crazy, but shouldn't someone address it? Here we have leaders of the West creating a doomsday that they believe is coming, so they assist in its arrival. What better proof that the "prophecy" was right?

Here Doug Feith on the Daily Show (there's a part 2 I'm not embedding but it's better than part 1):

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