Friday, February 15, 2008

Has the loss been enough yet?

Thank God for Keith O. I don't think I'll ever recover my lost faith in the system of checks and balances that this country once had nor will I find any faith in the legal system. It is a system built to put away the poor and the unlucky. Because criminals have been given free reign over this country, its money, its institutions, and, worse, they've been given unlimited power to use the lives of our soldiers to do their criminal bidding, how can I ever have faith again? From here on, I'll always know that whoever is in charge is in check just as long as they want to be in check. If criminals desire to take over from within, they must only convince the most uneducated and the most religious in order to do their free range robbing. The political mirage will be easy to replicate. They uneducated recognize their own by how they sound and how they walk. What a hoax. The only prevention could have been from American intellectuals. Oh they spoke alright. Just not on Fox. But they were lone wolves crying to the moon. Unheard. Distrusted. Just like African-Americans who shun education because they don't want to "act white", the uneducated shun American intellectuals because they don't want to "act smart" either. It's a foolish reaction based on deep insecurities. Has the loss been enough yet?

But one light shines: and that's Keith Olbermann:

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