Monday, December 3, 2007

One for Democracy, Zero for Fascism

In Roger Cohen's recent New York Times article "The Limits of 21st Century Revolution" he means to take Hugo Chavez down a bump by saying that socialism has its limits (as he thinks yesterday's election proves). I'd like to correct him and say that fascism has its limits. What was defeated was Chavez's plan to change the constitution to allow Mr. Chávez to declare states of emergency for unlimited periods. To change a president's power to unlimited is a fascist move and good for Venezuelans for voting against it. They voted FOR democracy yesterday. Not necessarily AGAINST Chavez.

Our own citizens could do so well to protect the U.S. Constitution from the assault we have allowed during the Bush administration.

Let's all stay clear from the Bush/Chavez War. Name calling is for sissies. Great Satans tend to attract Great Satan Look-A-Likes. Look what Saddam Hussein attracted to Iraq. The Venezuelan people buy American goods, watch American TV, and enjoy American sports. We like each other. Let's give the Big Guys an empty room to square off without the rest of us jumping in the fight like loyal dummies.

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