Monday, November 19, 2007

Some Art

When is it finished? When do you stop painting on a painting? Editing a chapter?

Here is one that, I think, I'm finished with, although Arielle thinks she needs floating flowers to descend around her:
And the faceless portrait, which I started with one idea, has now loosely come to be something I did not mean for her. What is the thing she's holding? I thought it was a bowl until I gave it a hole with light coming through. Her soul? Ok, that's not so interesting. But what to do with her now?
I think I will make the "bowl" into a "cracked plate". There's something disturbing about her that I really want to capture. And, another, this one is incomplete, but why do I feel that forming a face on her will ruin the ghostliness? There's something about the undoneness of this one that I like. So, until I get tired of looking at those columns unfinished, I'm afraid I'll have to keep this one this way.

Here's an abstract that I feel reasonably certain is finished although I could be talked into changing it by a persuasive critic:
And the abstract below which has gone through so many incarnations that I can only guess that it's done. More appropriately, I'm done with it. It's a blurry, off-center photo.

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