Friday, September 21, 2007

Political Prophecy

I love prophecy...thinking about what's coming, what's next. Here's an interesting scenario from Paul Krugman's blog, the writer is David Clow of Los Angeles:

"Yes, of course Bush wants to rewrite history, and he’s laying the groundwork for it now. His model is much older, though, than Vietnam. He’s taking his cues from the unrepentant ones who mythologized the defeated Confederacy into a romantic Lost Cause, with brave cavaliers at the forefront and the gutless elite stabbing from behind. He’ll give speeches on what might have been, a united democratic Iraq, and infer that the shattering of that nation was the fault of the press and the left. He’ll rally his faithful to the mirage. His minions in the rightist media will lionize him. And we’ll have 25 more years of dissention and disunity both in Iraq and here at home."

"Rallying his faithful to the mirage." Why, that's behind us, no? Present, too? Hard to dismiss that it'll be part of the future.

I've always said that one of the things that separates Republicans from Democrats is that Republicans are "team-minded" and will hurl mud "just because you're on the other team". Democrats are independent, which is why they never muster much of a group response to mudslinging, and why the big ones are so damn capable. They can't rely on "loyalty at all costs" and spend a lot of energy trying to come up with tedious, working solutions.

My prophecy: this next election will see a new surge in unbelievably racist, left-hating, misogynist ranting from not only the right-wing pundits, but also average Americans who feel like all the protests, complaints, revelations of criminality was just mud-throwing of the other team. Already, I'm getting Hillary-Hate from Republican family-friends who see nothing wrong with insinuating how her death (drowning, in this particular email) would help them feel serene. I'm not joking.

Compare, for instance, how Hillary was treated as First Lady, and how Laura Bush has been treated.

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