Friday, September 28, 2007

I'm Angelina Jolie last night

Yeah, that's what I said. So, I'm her, and I'm mad at Brad Pitt, and I jump into this indoor swimming pool, and, for drama, or for his attention, I sink to the bottom, and I decide I'm going to do it, do myself in, give myself to the water, and suddenly, I'm floating in the most relaxed place, and I forget about why I'm mad, I'm just so relaxed and happy, and I really really love this water, so I swim around, celebrating the flow, watching the slow movement of my hands, thinking they're birds; they're flying through the sky, not swimming, and suddenly, when it's almost too late, and I'm about to die of happiness, Pitt swims down, anchors both hands under my arms, and smiles the most beautiful smile. My hair encircles us, floating. There's a light around our solar plexus that pulses and expands. For just a minute, he looks at me, wants to adore me, then, he kicks, and we rush upward, hit the top, break the surface, and breathe! The cold, thin air is like a slap of reality, and already I'm sad again because it's not so great to be Jolie on the surface and Pitt isn't near as glowing.

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