Friday, August 31, 2007

Satan's in the Stall Beside Me

Poor Larry Craig. Repressed, having to seek pleasure in a public bathroom, having to loathe this "thing" inside himself that he can't control, the twisted hypocrisy, the confusion. Really, it's so confusing. He "is not gay." Is bisexual the word? Here's my favorite commentary on Craig so far. Included here is Burleigh's new twist on the ferociousness of the anti-Clinton attacks of yesteryear: The Huffington Post of Nina Burleigh. At one point she says, "Bill Clinton's voracious heterosexuality had as much to do with drawing their rabid hatred as any of his other attributes. He loved women too much, and if only he'd given equal time and effort to seducing those beautiful men, he might have saved himself some trouble." Now that's a new perspective.

Then, a local women's group sent me YouTube footage of a Libertyville anti-abortion rally where the interviewer stumped protesters with the question: Do you think abortion should be legal or illegal? (They all answered illegal, of course.) The follow up question was so simple and smart, I found myself admiring the logic and wondering why their own thinking had never led to considering the ramification of laws--that is, you must enforce them. He asked, "If it were made illegal, what do you think the punishment should be for women who have illegal abortions?" Not one of them wanted to punish a woman, not with jail time, not with capital punishment for murder, not nothing! They said, "I think we should feel sorry for them; I think they need counseling." See it here: YouTube Interview. One of them said, "I'm not a lawyer," and in the air in a cloud appeared a sign from heaven, "Then why press for a friggin law?"

Sometimes, answers are so obvious they're invisible. "Legal, safe and rare." Ah, the common sense of the Clintons. sniff sniff. They are missed.


Seven Star Hand said...

Hey DL,

Good article. Mr. Craig and ilk's actions, as lawmakers, have had the real life effect of perpetuating societal conditions that cause public bathrooms to become secret tryst zones. It's little different from forcing women into back alleys for abortions, which is exactly what he and his ilk are trying to do, as we speak.

Karma can be a bitch when the time to pay the piper for such staggering levels of hypocrisy rolls around. Never forget that this is the crowd that deceptively gave us The Patriot Act, the Iraq war, torture, secret prisons, Abu-Garib, Gitmo, and spying on the innocent. Oh, how the greedy and arrogant are falling...

It just boggles the mind that holier-than-thou Christian leaders are so often involved in sick behavior. Just look at the history and current events of the Vatican and Papacy. Do you need any more proof of why such scoundrels value faith over truth and justice? See the pattern?

Notice that Larry Craig was nabbed on June, 11th? DId you know that 11 symbolizes truth and justice? Notice the pattern of pivotal events repeatedly occurring on number 11 days during recent years? Notice that the story broke 77 days after his arrest? How many unlikely coincidences are necessary before more people discern a strong pattern in the noise?

Here is Wisdom !!

D.L. Hall said...
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